curious and curiouser.

out in the middle of the desert, east of the salton sea, is this place, two and a half hours east of san diego.

salvation mountain!

on a whim we headed out, not quite realizing how far away it was, and made it just as the sun set. no one around but a few dogs and smoking hippies, i couldn't help but think that this was the stuff horror movies were made of. no horror here, though, only countless empty buckets of paint and dirt. oh, and salvation, duh.

hooray, jeezus!


i like to call it fate

it's very good! i can't stop listening.


thursday night get in there pep talk

"you're a fucking champion
always believe that in your cells, dude, in your cells"

- s/dub, my queen.


autumn gathering

last week i went persimmon picking with my mom at our family friend's house. every fall when i was younger my family would head over to the grove of persimmon trees behind her house and pick until we had bags and bags full. it's been awhile since i've been, but the weather was perfect, and i couldn't help but want to be outside.

i think my mom was in heaven.

pretty sure we have enough persimmons to last all winter, definitely at least fifty pounds worth. persimmons for everyone!

i think i'll try looking up persimmon recipes today. persimmon pudding? persimmon burgers? persimmon... everything?


picture box

thrift store finds + 120 film + small travels =

box cameras, north carolina coast, and big sur.


trick or treat, smell my feet...

oh, s'more. best costume idea ever.

hooray for homemade costumes! i'm pretty pleased with how my owl costume came out... take that martha stewart (and thank you!).

la calabaza más triste en el mundo

the world's saddest pumpkin:

inspired by this:


pumpkin (nose)picking

a trip to bates nut farm with matt, alec, and kaya in the middle of nowhere (valley center, ca).

mammoth pumpkins! nature's pretty weird sometimes.

i'm pretty sure it could've taken me about five whole days to decide on a pumpkin. i attribute that to my high pumpkin-carving standards and my world-famous indecisiveness. i finally settled on one that i think will make for the perfect squash homage to "un gato con una pipa"!

october sewing party

so i guess halloween is this holiday where people dress up like other people. like, ahem, hooter's girls and pirates, and doughnuts and ostriches. or something.

emily wanted to be a french doll for halloween, so...
any excuse to sew!

look what we made into the wee hours of the night while watching ridiculous amounts of 30 rock. "we" being my sewing and emily's endless tap-tap-tapping of 56 eyelets into fabric.

not bad for a first try at corset-making. not that i'll ever have another reason to make one, but, whatevs. i'm getting to know my new sewing machine friend better.
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gold soundz

hey, look, a very crappy picture of pavement at the hollywood bowl.
pavement, sonic youth, and no age.
hello, 1990-something!

stephen malkmus is number one.
the end.
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the north coast

road trip!

fern canyon, humboldt county.

mad river, humboldt county.

confusion hill! it's sooo confusing!

mmm... north coast brewery and tasty pulled pork sammiches. my favorite...

kind of creepy paintings in fort bragg.

camping by the big sur river.

elephant seals and friends!

it is so nice to be able to just drive for hours and hours with nowhere to go.