what better place to spend the first few days of spring than north, north, north?

oh, magical land of trees and wonder, i shall see you again soon.

later, san diego alligators, i'm getting out of here!


hot dog garden

perks to my job:

conversations that begin with...
"i have a hot dog garden! i plant hot dogs!"

and drawings made for me...

sometimes kumon kids can be pretty great.


"i was trying to reconcile an ambivalent relationship to being here on earth because earth is a difficult place to be sometimes.


i have to learn to be here.


it was like me saying, i'm sitting on the fence, i have to make some decision about being here."

-kiki smith, from all creatures great and small



a self-portrait. sort of.

nude dude.
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the itsy bitsy spider

for one of my very last classes of my college life. i made something that i like, for once.
plaster, eucalyptus, tracing paper, crochet thread, embroidery thread, yarn, and most importantly, poop.