to do (make, and eat) list...

during my very limited, but very educational, east coast travels, i have seen quite a many things that have lit up my imaginational light bulb. these things are revolutionary, really, and i am going to make it my month's life-goal to bring them to ignorant san diego.

here's my to do/make/eat list for the month (so i don't forget):

- macaroni and cheese pizza. mac 'n cheese... on a pizza. with bacon. oh-my-lanta. these are the three reasons why i could NEVER ever be vegetarian or vegan, all rolled into one meal. guffaw! vegans, you silly fools, you are missing out. i am going to master this, even if it kills me.

- chick-o-stick milkshake. if you don't know what a chick-o-stick is, you are a grunion. for you grunions... to explain, it is basically the inside of a butterfinger, but BETTER. chick-o-stick + ice cream + chocolate something or other = summertime heavenly bliss.

- creme brulee. okay, so, this isn't new or revolutionary at all, and i've known about it's delicious existence forever, but i had some really good creme brulee and i want to try my hand at it. also, i will get to do this as many times as i want:

yeah, i know, be quiet.


food aside, i have about a billion bookmarked craft projects that i will tackle. too many to list, but notables include homemade stamps and quilling. for all of you lucky enough to receive my presents, be ready!

summertime is be-productive time!


golden delicious (big) apple

best. picture. ever.
this city sure is bizarre to us non-city folk. or just me.
my feet are sooo tired (and dirty/stinky!) !


fruit tart toot fart

happy mother's day!

oh my goodness glazed perfection.

okay, so, this making of the foodstuff is getting to be pretty tasty.
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the weather has been perfect, so i'm trying to spend more time outside. chloe gets more time outside, too. i think she's pretty jazzed about summer. what do you think?

what a spaz.

she's such a babe.

honey, i'm home

wednesday was pretend-to-be-domestic day (okay, i made it up). so i made steak. and sweet potato fries. and stuffed mushrooms. and and and apple turnovers...

i'm pretty pleased with myself, so i would like to take this opportunity to to show off my minimal cooking skills, because maybe this'll be the drive to make me cook and bake more often than just during my cookie dough blues.

fresh warm apple turnover... mmm... someone pass the 'nilla ice cream!

i think i'll make a fruit tart for mother's day.