pink macaroons and a million balloons...

"i want a party with rooms full of laughter...
ten thousand tons of ice crrrrream.
and if i don't get the things i am after..."

... i'm going to settle for a chocolate fountain and a houseful of family and my dearest friends?

don't care how, I WANT IT NOW!

well, i got it. pictures of the party to follow soon.


kiki smith, untitled.

at the grounds for sculpture in new jersey.
yes, it's true, new jersey has things other than super tan bimbos and the "situation".

grounds for sculpture is amazing, one day i'll post more pictures when i'm not so lazy...


ladies' night art show!

che cafe, june 13th, 2010.

hey look, a book about elephants!

ryoko amadee goguen! fantastic!

feeling crabby

look, mom, it's the painting you stole from our neighbor's lawn.
i painted on top of it.


barnacles, barnacles, and, more barnacles.


old school

look mom, i found my old sketchbook from high school.
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okay, summer, you're here.

picnic time with my two oldest friends.
piggies in a blanket, pita pizzas, cookies, tater salad, fruit salad, mimosas... mmm.