cow-tipping is a myth.
bessie is much too strong and clever.
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a terrible (but totally awesome) mobile-phone-snapshot-of-a-snapshot:
my mom (left) and my aunt being babes on the beach.


just relax

this is my number one babe.
not entirely sure where her hind leg disappeared to, though.


cabbage patch kids

multicolor microns
i think i like drawing food
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winner winner, chicken dinner!!!

i am now convinced that 2011 will treat me well. yes, my friends, it is true. i can, with mine littlest eye, spy the brightest of sparks in the future. curious, are you? well, i have just been informed that I, Kim, am a weiner. Oops, i mean, winner.

want proof?

lunch on me, suckers! i'd like to thank the academy of eaters, the fried dumplings, the sweet potatoes, oh, and kumon north america, inc.

oh, the joys of owning a business. (business cards are The Awesome) maybe i will get one made with the following words: "Kim Nguyen, Professional Lunch Winner Extraordinaire"

[is it sad that this will probably be the high point of the year?]

free lunches to you and to yours! happy new year!


two zero one one

hello, friends.
it's time again (again?), time for that uplifting and inspiring this-year-i'm-going-to-really-do-it promise to myself, proclaimed to all of you via the magic of the interweb. because the internet means forever.

one: must make a meal for myself at home at least once a week, to be shared with family or friend(s).

two: must limit burrito-buying aka fast fooding to a maximum of three times per week, to be reduced in the future.

three: must keep a spending log for x amount of time, to be continually reviewed, as i am-

four: trying to save as much money as humanly possible for a fool like me.

five: focus on all the positives and not get bogged down by the inevitable minor disappointments of the world.

six: listen to the worst fortune cookie advice i ever got, "eat your vegetables".

so if you see me eating a burrito in a fancy new dress i bought looking pissed off because i dropped hot sauce on my shoe, slap me and remind me of these things. maybe i will be kind enough to pay you for your services... in LOVE.