"es un gato con una pipa!"

it took michelangelo four years to paint the sistine chapel. millions flock to it every year. weep and cry, and marvel at its majesty.

it took me two years to paint my replica of "un gato con una pipa". one will flock to it. weep and cry, and marvel at its overwhelming sadness, for it is "el cuadro mas triste del mundo", well, the (second) saddest painting in the world.

this is the last reference i make to this video, i promise. (for this year, at least.)

happy linzer day

today is one of those holidays, you know, the made up ones that make people either super enthused or super bitter. i like to straddle the line between both and EAT. also use it as an excuse to try something new, like baking linzer cookies for the first time.

lots of almond meal, lots of sugar (lots of cavities), and twelve tiny cookies to show for it.

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emily meily lymei ymiel

this is my best friend emily and her face four times.
she comes out funny when i don't look at the paper.


ten seconds

my boyfriend is fun to draw in ten seconds or less.


back to the future!

in fifty years, according to the magic of disneyland innovations, i'm going to look like this:

i predict that at the ripe old age of 72 i will be enjoying my golden years, eating raisins and cheese puffs, playing dominoes, counting the inevitable ghost hairs on my chinny chin chin, and being an overall awesome person. i would hang out with me.

don't smoke, don't drink (too much), always wear sunscreen.