so, presently...

Erykah Badu - "Window Seat"

this song has been on repeat for the past week.
[off of new amerykah part II (return of the ankh)]

so good!!!


i actually started drawing this week.
nothing fancy.
i need more practice.
no erasing! ever!


knock, knock, who's there?

oh, it's just spring.
someone at the door?
oh, just a fly. hello, fly.

spring means green,

with lots of ugly new things!


on mornings like these...

i just want to stay inside,
writing to old friends on my new toy,

and enjoy complete balanced breakfasts.
(egg-in-a-hole, blackberries, and bananas... mmm.)

clouds, you can stay awhile longer.


today's undertaking

it's been awhile since i've crafted anything... but birthdays will spur me into action! i was a wee bit worried my un-crafty spell would never end. apparently long bouts between crafts leads to over-exertion and over-enthusiasm once you start again. i forgot how obsessive and anal i get about making things.

anyways, inspired by this Instructable, i decided to make a shag rug for matt's 23rd birthday.

i used flannel instead of t-shirt material... cutting strips is such a pain! i've got blisters on my fingers...

one day later and halfway done!

the finished product. does it look like plaid, or did i fail?

soft on the toes!

i hope he likes it. my back hurts. ouchie!


go, explore

san francisco exploratorium.

science is fun, especially when there are a billion kids running around 'ooh'-ing and 'ah'-ing and cutting in front of you and grabbing things out of your hand!

notables: drinking fountain toilet, is this room getting smaller?, and BRAINS!!!