partyin' partyin'

this weekend i helped throw my sister a surprise birfday party. she's old.
a party is an excuse to order all of your favorite foods and craft. mini-craft.

tissue paper + string = streamers for days.

i ordered the tastiest marble cake (with chocolate chip surprises inside)!

did i mention i also got her a pinata?

darling embroidery

probably the best thing i ever made. proof of how crafty i once was... and maybe can one day become again? high school kim wasn't the only kim who could mindlessly stitch away, right? right.

i'm pretty sure this bag earned me my college job more so than any skills i may have (or not) had, and i am not ashamed at all.

my boyfriend embroiders too. i win, he's the best.


one million stitches (in progress)

i've been working on this cross stitch for the past five years, not that it should take anybody that long, but because i tend to forget about every project i start or want to start. follow through is something i greatly lack.

i found it tucked away in my closet a few days ago, and decided that instead of mindlessly staring at the netflix tube all day, i would keep my fingers moving making little tiny xxxxxxxxxxxxxx's until i got bored. or finished. whichever comes first.

i think i like the underside just as much as the front.

eventually i'll finish, maybe in another five years, five months, or, hell, five days?!

cross stitching is hours of pleasure, interrupted by years of sheer monotony.
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lake hodges. box camera trials/failures. harumph.


cedar creek falls

cedar creek falls, julian, california.

4.5 miles down, down, down then up, up, up.