autumn gathering

last week i went persimmon picking with my mom at our family friend's house. every fall when i was younger my family would head over to the grove of persimmon trees behind her house and pick until we had bags and bags full. it's been awhile since i've been, but the weather was perfect, and i couldn't help but want to be outside.

i think my mom was in heaven.

pretty sure we have enough persimmons to last all winter, definitely at least fifty pounds worth. persimmons for everyone!

i think i'll try looking up persimmon recipes today. persimmon pudding? persimmon burgers? persimmon... everything?


picture box

thrift store finds + 120 film + small travels =

box cameras, north carolina coast, and big sur.


trick or treat, smell my feet...

oh, s'more. best costume idea ever.

hooray for homemade costumes! i'm pretty pleased with how my owl costume came out... take that martha stewart (and thank you!).

la calabaza más triste en el mundo

the world's saddest pumpkin:

inspired by this: