to do (make, and eat) list...

during my very limited, but very educational, east coast travels, i have seen quite a many things that have lit up my imaginational light bulb. these things are revolutionary, really, and i am going to make it my month's life-goal to bring them to ignorant san diego.

here's my to do/make/eat list for the month (so i don't forget):

- macaroni and cheese pizza. mac 'n cheese... on a pizza. with bacon. oh-my-lanta. these are the three reasons why i could NEVER ever be vegetarian or vegan, all rolled into one meal. guffaw! vegans, you silly fools, you are missing out. i am going to master this, even if it kills me.

- chick-o-stick milkshake. if you don't know what a chick-o-stick is, you are a grunion. for you grunions... to explain, it is basically the inside of a butterfinger, but BETTER. chick-o-stick + ice cream + chocolate something or other = summertime heavenly bliss.

- creme brulee. okay, so, this isn't new or revolutionary at all, and i've known about it's delicious existence forever, but i had some really good creme brulee and i want to try my hand at it. also, i will get to do this as many times as i want:

yeah, i know, be quiet.


food aside, i have about a billion bookmarked craft projects that i will tackle. too many to list, but notables include homemade stamps and quilling. for all of you lucky enough to receive my presents, be ready!

summertime is be-productive time!

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