the whole world (in my hands)

What to do with an outdated globe? (I'm pretty sure the U.S.S.R. is no longer in existence, right?) Turn it into a chalkboard, duh! I think I've finally given myself the butt-whooping I needed to start getting crafty again.

The interweb wows me again with its infinite wisdom and guidance, with a few tweaks.

Covering round things with flat things is pretty impossible, involving five parts headache and one part genius.

It's like picking off that scab you've had on your knee for a week!

All done. Now I can write stupid notes to myself like "Do your laundry." and "Don't be an idiot." Mission accomplished.

Note to those who care: if you ever intend on doing this yourself (DTY, heh), don't do what I did. Forget the contact paper. Forget the chalkboard spraypaint. Don't get impatient and instead wait for the paintable stuff to be in the store, it will make your life so much easier, I promise!

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  1. can you make one for me i want to give it to my little cousin KTHX