two zero one one

hello, friends.
it's time again (again?), time for that uplifting and inspiring this-year-i'm-going-to-really-do-it promise to myself, proclaimed to all of you via the magic of the interweb. because the internet means forever.

one: must make a meal for myself at home at least once a week, to be shared with family or friend(s).

two: must limit burrito-buying aka fast fooding to a maximum of three times per week, to be reduced in the future.

three: must keep a spending log for x amount of time, to be continually reviewed, as i am-

four: trying to save as much money as humanly possible for a fool like me.

five: focus on all the positives and not get bogged down by the inevitable minor disappointments of the world.

six: listen to the worst fortune cookie advice i ever got, "eat your vegetables".

so if you see me eating a burrito in a fancy new dress i bought looking pissed off because i dropped hot sauce on my shoe, slap me and remind me of these things. maybe i will be kind enough to pay you for your services... in LOVE.

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